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First Semester
01 Ist Unit Test 22nd May to 26th may
02 Result 28th May
03 PTM 30th May
04 2nd Unit Test 9th to 12th August
05 P.Board Exam 6th to 13th September
06 Result 14th August
07 PTM 15th August
08 Ist Sem. Exam 18th Sept. to 26th Sept
09 Result 29th Sept.
10 PTM 30th Sept.
Second Semester
11 3rd Unit Test 8th to 12th Nov.
12 Result 13th Nov.
13 PTM 14th Nov.
14 4nd Unit Test 20th to 23th Jan.
15 Result 24th Jan.
16 PTM 26th Jan.
17 Pre Board Exam 14th to 21th Feb.
18 PTM 28th Feb.
19 Final Exam Mid of the March
(According to date of Board Exam)
20 Result 24th March
21 Admission Fair 25th to 31st March
22 Classes Start 1st April